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Offers the services in manufacture of specialised mechanisms:

Foto RCC-1800-2

1. Mechanism of mark RCC-1800-2 for catting PVC-films, oilclothes, banner fabrics and other materials

The offered mechanism is intended for cutting of materials, such as: tent fabric, an oilcloth and oil-cloth materials, every possible films (PVC), banner fabrics and other similar materials. The given mechanism is an addition to a desktop at manufacturing tents for balconies, canopies, tents for trucks, publicity boards.
Advantages of the given mechanism:
1. High speed of cutting of material
2. The Low price of elements of knifes of the mechanism
3. Easy operation and service
4. High level of safety at mechanism operation

The given mechanism is delivered:
  • As a part (knot) of a desktop,
  • As the independent tool on a support with a place for a roll and with possibility of moving from one table to another

Technical characteristics

Foto CC-6000-A-2

2. Mechanism of mark СС-6000-А-2 for vertical cutting the big curtains;

The special mechanism is intended for measurement and cutting of the ready curtains. Measurement of height of cutting is carried out automatically by means of a special control panel.
The System has three ways of capture of curtains:

  • Fastening of a curtain by means of a sinker
  • Curtain capture in a ready internal aperture
  • Curtain capture by special clamping.
The mechanism is designed as the device of vertical type that allows rationally to use space of workroom. Besides, the moving lath provides possibility of cutting of curtains of the big sizes in comparison with height of a workroom (if height of a workroom of 3 metres - max height of cutting of a curtain of 4,5 metres).

Technical characteristics


3. Mechanism of mark HKW-U-SA-1 for welding of the PVC-film by thickness to 3 mm., banner fabrics

The given mechanism is used at manufacturing of canopies, tents, products from an oil-cloth and similar materials where is used weld of seams of several materials. Also the mechanism is used at manufacturing of publicity boards from PVC-FILM where should be weld of absolute accuracy.
Advantages of the given mechanism:
1. Welding in the form of a cover of the various size.
2. Fastening of a cord by welding on a material.
3. Ease in management.
4. High level of safety of the works.
5. A wide range of speeds of welding.
6. Welding of tapes of intensifying in the middle of material.

We give you a possibility to facilitate manufacture above the specified works by means of our mechanism.
Technical characteristics

4. Special projector of mark PPS for exact combination of drawing of an embroidery on stamp drawing

In manufacture of an ornament of clothes often there is a combination of an embroidery with a stamp on a material. It is known how difficultly to combine these two kinds of an ornament in one drawing at mass production. Complicated drawing is very difficult for combining with an embroidery. For these purposes we have a special projector which allows quickly and qualitatively to do:
  • an embroidery over a stencil on a material
  • an embroidery over cutout
  • straz the sketch over a stencil
  • straz the sketch with an embroidery and other kinds of a combination of this kind.
This method prompt, high-quality and not so difficult in comparison with usual (by means of pins) which is applied in today's sewing shops for clothes ornament.
Technical characteristics

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