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LPG Reducers
Model AT-09
Tomasetto Achille(Italia)

Foto reducer

The model AT09 LPG reducer is a single stage reducer for LPG sequential injection systems, homologated ECE 67R-01, originated from the previous model AT07. The AT09 reducer is equipped with an integrated filter unit and an inlet solenoid valve. The pressure at the outlet is adjustable from 0,9 to 1,8 bar (pressures referred to the reducer not connected to the engine). Available in 3 different versions:
BASIC: without additional heating

Foto Alaska


with additional post-heating of the LPG at the outlet, that allows higher gas flow and higher gas temperature at the exit.

Foto Artic


with additional pre-heating of the liquid LPG at the inlet, that allows extra higher gas flow and higher gas temperature at the exit.

Model OMVL Dream XXI(Italia)

Foto OMVL Dream XXI

DREAM XXI is the latest gas injection system designed and developed by OMVL. It can be installed on all fuel injected vehicles powered by LPG or CNG. The system is fully homologated in compliance with the latest safety standards for gas fuel system (67R01 and R110) and keeps emissions well within the limits established by the strictest standards (EURO4). DREAM XXI is extremely reliable under all vehicle operating conditions, and guarantees excellent performance in terms of comfort and driveability. Great efforts were made by OMVL to integrate the mechanical and electronic subsystems, to allow an easy and quick installation, and to guarantee efficient and reliable operation.
The regulator completely vaporises LPG reducing its pressure to 0.9 or 1.2 or 1.7 bar, depending on engine size and power. It is a two stage membrane unit with pilot circuit and water-gas heat exchange. This heating is particularly efficient due to the specific heat exchanger configuration. A pressure compensation system maintains a constant pressure difference upstream and downstream of the injection unit at every engine power and load, ensuring a stable and precise carburation. The solenoid shut off valve cuts gas flow when the engine is switched off or petrol fuel is selected.
DREAM – G (LPG version)
  • Gas inlet - Female connector with bicone for 6 mm diameter pipe
  • Gas outlet - Male connector for rubber hose, D.int 12 mm, D.ext 19 mm
  • Coolant inlet/outlet - Male connector for rubber hose, D.int 14 mm, D.ext 22 mm
  • Solenoid power 12 V d.c.
  • Gas pressure reducer stages - Double
  • Gas delivery pressure - 0.9/1.2/1.7 bar
  • Gas shut-off solenoid - Yes
  • Compensation socket - Yes
  • Coolant thermostat - No
  • Gas temperature sensor - Yes
  • Operating temperature - -20 to 120 °C
  • Installation location - Rigidly mounted inside engine compartment.Orientation with
    respect to driving direction is unimportant, but solenoid valves must be kept vertical
  • Homologations E4-67R-01